Biyernes, Abril 4, 2014

Miami, among the cities with the most expensive homes

Miami finished eighth in the top ten markets for luxury real estate world .

The report by Christie 's International Real Estate , places the city in a league where are London, New York , Paris and Hong Kong , but also Dallas and Toronto.

The Miami -Dade County was a standout in the percentage of buyers of second homes , cash, and foreign place, according to Christie's , which specializes in luxury housing estate , whose company affiliated home is Esslinger - Wooten -Maxwell Realtors in Coral Gables .

The most expensive home that sold in Miami in 2012 was a spectacular home overlooking the bay located at 3 Indian Creek Drive in Indian Creek Village, which reached a record $ 47 million.

The sophisticated property - with ten bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms style resort built along a series of a Russian buyer , whose identity was not revealed pavilions - sold .

However, the Miami -Dade house pales when compared to the major sales in London last year ( u $ s121 , 2 million) and New York ($ 88 million ) .

Luxury homes in the Greater Miami area still remain a relative bargain : for the year ended for Miami homes valued at more than $ s1 million , the average was U.S. $ S756 per square meter. The record price in Miami was u $ s3.428 per square meter, according to the report .

In contrast , in New York , the average price of properties valued at more than $ 1 million was U.S. $ s1.790 per square meter, and the record was $ 13,000 per square meter, the highest of any city.

The residential market is moving at their own pace , according to the report. " Residential real estate is a tale of two markets, the luxury and the rest of the other ," Stone said in the Bonnie Sellers, president of Christie's report . "It is more likely to follow the prestigious residential growth trends in luxury goods unpalatable that trends in the overall housing market ."

Miami , which has a shortage of inventory for all sectors of the residential market , was in seventh place among the top 10 cities in estate inventories , with only 2,036 homes valued at more than $ 1 million to the September 30, 2012 .

London had 7,741 houses, the Riviera had 7,000 and New York had 4,100 .

Miyerkules, Abril 2, 2014

They regulate property market

President Barack Obama welcomed the improvement in the housing market and urged the U.S. Congress to support his proposal for a new head of the regulatory agency agencies home loans .

Seven years after the housing bubble burst , " unleashing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, job costing them millions of responsible Americans, who also lost their homes , our housing market is healing ," Obama said in his program weekly radio and Internet .

"Sales are rising. Construction is growing. They are falling spikes. The construction is growing, " and prices are rising gradually , said the president .
In addition , Obama urged Congress to approve his proposed candidate to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency , Mel Watt, the state agency that oversees the major agencies of real estate loans. The goal is to prevent another bubble like 2007-2008 .

Martes, Abril 1, 2014

Foreclosed properties in Florida become investment alternative

The presence of investing in Latin America and the Brazilians are among the first in the list.

Today real estate finished in the United States, specifically in the state of Florida, have become an alternative investment . The offer of the auction made ​​by the court are defendants executive condominiums because the repair costs are lower than in the houses, so said Jose Javier Hidalgo, consulting firm Sell America.

"It's very little damage that would do to a condominium . Buildings have security monitors the maintenance , while a home can destroy ," he revealed .

Hidalgo said that the cost to repair an apartment can range from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 , and a home can be up to $ 100,000 in extreme cases.
The consultant explained that , generally , in the condo fees are lower in bathrooms, floors and paint.

The executive, with 17 years of experience in real estate , said that repairs the homes include compliance hurricane . He cited examples of housing in addition to setting windows and ceilings, the kitchen is slammed .

Latino investors

Since last year have increased transactions in the property market in the state of Florida and the business is attractive to foreign investors , especially Latinos. " Nothing more during March 28,242 houses were auctioned " Hello Hidalgo noting that the situation is different in Indiana or Michigan where the movement is slower because the investment is made by locals.

Icon Brickell and Met One are two of the most desirable areas in Miami. He specified that the houses in these locations can cost between $ 150,000 and $ 225,000.

When asked about the profile of investors who are doing business in Florida , highlighted the presence of Latin Americans. He mentioned the Brazilians as the first in the list. Followed by the Argentineans, Colombians and Venezuelans.

Regarding the closing costs for the purchase of a condominium explained that on average it is $ 25,000. In connection with the delivery of the documents and the keys indicated that it may take between 97 and 150 days.

The property consultant mentioned as one of the prerequisites for participating in the auctions is that the investor capital available immediately . However, he said that this has not deterred the investors with fewer economic resources. They have chosen to be grouped .

The specialist also referred to the incorporation of Canadians, Chinese, English and Russian as investors participating in auctions. In his opinion, this has allowed a dynamic market .

Lunes, Marso 31, 2014

The Florida real estate market is on the rise

Orlando and Florida have been involved in the state's economic recovery thanks to tourism, which provides approximately $ 3.7 billion in taxable sales to the state. Orlando , Florida, home to the best theme parks in the world . Among its star attractions are the Magic Kingdom Park , Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios , Disney 's Animal Kingdom and also has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon .

The housing market is now hotter than ever and demand for homes in Florida is extremely high . This is where Century 21 Team Feltrim can help . The demand for homes is high and may have difficulties to find and buy the home of your dreams. C21 has a team of highly qualified agents who will work with you to give you the house of your dreams.

It is expected that house prices rise statewide and 11% increase over the previous year, the housing market index released by Standard and Poor's.
A recent case study of S & P in house prices in the United States, prices of family houses increased by 12% since April 2011, now that the worst of the housing market crisis has been well behind. This boom in the housing market is helping us all to finally emerge from recession .

The latest reading of consumer confidence from the University of Florida shows that this month is the highest level since August 2007, when the recession and housing market crisis won the Sunshine State . But we're not just us Americans who are advancing the real estate market in this state.

The BMO reported that approximately 13% of properties sold in Sarasota -Bradenton -Venice and Orlando- Kissimmee have been purchased by Canadians. According to statistics of Realtors, the Orlando area has experienced a 6.6% increase in single-family houses and their average price at the end of 2012 it was $ 137,000 .

In the most recent statistics from Florida Realtors, published last February, shows that demand remains strong in this state and has helped raise the price of average sales of single-family homes about 12% just in the last year , $ 168,000 of this being average. The prices of apartments increased by 8.4 % to a median price of $ 136,000.

Sabado, Marso 29, 2014

Building permits for new homes in U.S. stagnate

Permits for the construction of new U.S. homes rose less than expected by the market consensus due to the sharp downturn in the multifamily sector . On the other hand, increased licensing for houses has sustained the U.S. housing market still struggling to recover .

The construction of new homes increased by 0.9 % on a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 891,000 units. In July figures were revised downward to show a level of 883,000 units at the expense of the previous reports have stood at 896,000 units.

The consensus of experts had estimated that the data would be at around a rate of 917,000 units last month. Therefore, the results have been less than expected and the housing sector is not progressing at the pace at all for many analysts expected remaining slightly stagnant with respect to the July .

This result is directly related to the drop in requests for multifamily housing , which plummeted 11.1% , representing a rate of 263,000 units. On the other hand , applications for single-family homes , the largest segment of the market, increased by 7 % , at a rate of 628,000 units , the highest since February.

This fall the multifamily sector could be directly related to the increase in mortgage rates , which could be delaying the construction of new projects. The highest level of mortgages has slowed the pace of new home sales , but it is expected that the demand for housing continues to recover from the lows in decades to keep building homes . (See : Banks in the U.S. begins competition for retailers)

Mortgage rates have risen in anticipation of the Fed reduces 85.000 million in bonds that are buying each month to keep interest rates low . Economists believe the Fed will make an announcement on the future of the program at the end of the meeting.

Huwebes, Marso 27, 2014

Applications for U.S. mortgages, almost stable due to fall in demand: MBA

The mortgage applications in the U.S. rose slightly in the latest week, as a rise in refinancing activity offset a drop in loan demand , while weighing on the sector paralyzing the U.S. government showed on Wednesday a report of a group of the industry.

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA for its acronym in English ) said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage application activity , which includes both refinancing and demand for home purchases grew 0.3 percent in the week ended October 11 .

In seven days to 4 October , the index had registered an increase of 1.3 percent.

The figures are known in stoppage time when the U.S. federal government focuses the spotlight on fiscal policy . Some economists worry that the stalemate in Congress could harm the economy.

The strike affected the mortgage market, the MBA said .

" Purchase applications for government programs I fell more than 7 percent in the week to the lowest level since December 2007 , and the government share of purchase applications fell to their lowest level in nearly three years," said Mike Fratantoni , vice president of research and economics MBA in a statement .

MBA data showed that the 30-year mortgage rates rose 4 basis points to 4.46 percent points, but still were located below the peak of 2013, from 4.8 percent in September.

The refinance index climbed 3.3 percent after recently reaching its lowest level since June 2009. However , measurement of loan requests for home purchases , a key indicator home sales , fell 4.8 percent .

The mortgage industry survey covers 75 percent of retail loan applications for the purchase of residential homes , according to the MBA.

Miyerkules, Marso 26, 2014

Mortgage applications fell last week

Applications for U.S. home loans fell last week , because interest rates rose to their highest level since January , said an industry group .

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA , for its acronym in English ) said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage application activity , which includes both refinancing demand as home purchases , fell 3.5 percent to 361.2 in the week ended March 21 , from an upwardly revised 374.2 in the previous week .

The seasonally adjusted index of refinancing applications fell MBA 7.7 percent , while the loan requests for home purchases , an important indicator of home sales , rose 2.8 percent .

Data from the previous week were revised upward for both indices .

Mortgage rates 30-year fixed averaged 4.56 percent this week, the highest level since January 2014 , and above the 4.50 percent the previous week .

The survey covers over 75 percent of retail residential mortgage applications .